7 Do’s and Don’ts of Online Exam Proctoring that every Student should know

Want to have satisfying and memorable experience of remote online exam proctoring? Then there are some obvious and non-obvious rules for online proctoring Service that need to be understood. One can simply not skip them.

Do: Clear the space you are working at, by removing all books, papers and unnecessary material. Anything that will aid you in cheating during exam must be cleared.

Don’t: Sitting at a noisy place or entrance of any other person at the place where you are having a proctored exam. It will disrupt the communication between you and your proctor.

Do: Shutdown or reboot your computer before starting your exam. It helps online proctoring service to perform better.

Don’t: Shutting your computer and turning off your webcam or microphone in the midst of your quiz. Interruptions like this will end the exam process without getting you any credits.

Do: Make sure you have an internet connection with good download speed. Internet connection of poor speed can cause technical issues during the proctored exam.

Don’t: Using mobile hotspots for your online proctored exam. Online exam proctoring doesn’t support internet connection of low quality.

Do: Install your browser extension required for test proctoring service.

Don’t: Accessing any other software, browser or application like Microsoft Office, Calculator, and Websites at the time of the exam.  If the student tries to approach such sources, he will end up getting a flag.

Do: Check the necessary requirements for your remote exam proctoring service such as webcam, microphone or speakers and internet connection.

Don’t: Students are not allowed to use headphones, pen, paper or any other writing material. Radio, music or working television is prohibited in the testing environment.

Do: Punctuality for your proctored exam is important because proctored exams for online courses start exactly at the scheduled time.

Don’t: Make your proctor wait before or during the examination. Leaving the test proctoring area in the middle of the quiz will end your exam at the very moment.

Do: Follow the instructions of the proctor. If the proctor forbids the use of any source, then it is your foremost obligation to follow them.

Don’t: Print your quiz or take a screenshot of your quiz. The online proctoring solution will instantly detect the activity and report it to the associated institute.

If you have clearly gone through these rules then you surely can have your proctored exam without any glitches.

AIProctor, the best web proctoring solution aims to work on the same propositions. If you are going to subscribe for AIProctor then you surely need to have command over these dos and don’ts.

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