AIProctor is the Solution for Online Cheating

Proctored exams for online courses, as a service has grown exponentially in college campuses and throughout education. AIProctor has effectively enabled students all over the world to gain certifications and college degrees without physically residing on or commuting to campus. Fortunately, with AIProctor: the best test proctoring, the system is protected from abuse and it’s impossible for any student to cheat.

Moreover, providing proctoring capabilities to monitor students taking online classes and exams from their personal devices in the confines of their own home was a difficult task a time back. Now, preventing student cheating within the confines or classrooms is pretty easy enough.

According to a survey, 68% of undergraduates admitted cheating on tests and 43% of graduate students confessed. Online courses and their increasing technological savviness has worked as a rise in cheating trend. There is a growing number of students pursuing it. This problem will only continue to grow if a proper online proctoring service are not used.

Why In-Classroom Cheating?

Remember, students in general, are not exactly becoming less honest. It’s just becoming a norm to cheat with online courses, especially without authentic online proctoring service tools. What has led to increased cheating behavior? That is, stressing out, fear of failure, professors who don’t crack down, and finally, students thinking they won’t get caught.

For instance, there are students who call online cheating a “victimless crime,” and this mentality is the reason why students cheating don’t feel remorse for doing it, even though it deprives them of learning. He also has summed up his case for cheating as they are not taught to learn the material but rather taught to get the highest grade possible.

How Do They Cheat?

The World Wide Web has all kinds of content to be shared. AIProctor, on the other hand, allows students to complete their work ensuring no cheating is done. It provides the best of  online proctoring service there is.

However, some students who are thinking to use it for dishonest purposes and to share answers to exams should be wary of such thoughts with AIProctor. The hundreds and millions, of candidates using these services, know it would stay in business to completely remove the prospect of cheating.

AIProctor, the Solution

With cheating on the rise, it’s unsurprising for the business to deter cheating. There are websites that calculate similarities between essays, i.e. detects plagiarism, but now there are also sites and programs that view and analyze the students themselves during testing to find cheaters hence, exam proctoring.

AIProctor: The best remote online exam proctoring is a service that keeps watching students taking online tests. It restricts the student’s browser thereby cutting off students’ ability to communicate with outside sources during the test.

Online Proctoring also uses live proctors via webcams to prevent cheating. The candidates have to prove the proctor with their ID by taking a picture to verify their identity.

AIProctor ensures the integrity of the exam process by keeping an eye on the student via webcam and screen-sharing technology. The company has been partnering successfully with institutions.

The renowned  online proctoring service  verifies student identity with ID card, facial, and knuckle scans over a webcam. With continuous verification throughout the exam, it prevents students from receiving help from friends, unauthorized devices, textbooks, or notes and it blocks certain keystrokes and applications.

Before installing and using these services universities and schools should test them and make sure their professors are adequately trained. Each of its services takes a slightly different approach to prevent or deter cheating during online examinations.

Final Words

As per a report, many academic institutions have eliminated cheating during proctored exams by resorting to locking down student devices. How was it conducted?

Each student was given a different version of an exam, proctors constantly keep their eyes scanning student screens, and it’s fairly easy to tell if any screen changes when it shouldn’t. Candidates’ keystrokes, during remote proctoring, are recorded, not so much to identify cheating as to confirm it.

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