AIProctor – Proctoring Redefined

What is AIProctor?


AIProctor is an integration service (chrome extension) that automatically integrates into the different learning management systems seamlessly. It offers you to give exams online and perform remote proctoring.


Why choose AIProctor?

AIProctor provides you with one of the best online Proctoring Services. Proctoring exams online is a new trend gaining immense popularity. It is an online Proctoring Solution. It is computerized and requires less human interference than exams getting conducted in rooms.

AIProctor is one of the most convenient applications for proctoring of exams online. Its advanced features allow a student to avail online proctoring services securely.

Features of AIProctor

AIProctor, apart from providing us with excellent virtual proctoring services, gives us a scoop of useful features as well.


Proctoring exam online with numerous devices

layout stylesDuring proctoring exams online a number of devices are present to monitor the student. All activities are kept under a watch. On different angles, different devices are positioned making it almost impossible for the student to cheat.


Programmed mobile phone Detection

The device from which AIProctor login takes place is observed. Apart from that any mobile etcetera present in the room is also monitored. The students is tracked and checked if he is using any other device during an online proctoring solution.



Track student’s accurate location

layout styles

During a virtual proctoring service, AIProctor tracks the exact location of the student. This way the examiner identifies the precise position. The exam is then given in a restricted area.


Professional support team

Related imageThe online proctoring service has a responsive and active team. In case of any problem or mishap, it is ready to answer your queries and take away your worries. It is co-operative and just one click away.



Browser blockage


The examiner gives permission to the student to perform several actions on the device. Despite them, he locks the use of browser during proctoring exams online.


Clever marking

Another feature that you’re given after a successful download of AIProctor is their intelligent marking. This virtual proctoring service marks suspicious and shady acts of the student. This makes it easier for the examiner to check the quiz.


Easy installation

Image result for easy install icon pngThere is no lengthy process to download AIProctor. There is a simple installation without any complexity. Other apps may have a lengthy process. However, AIProctor has a relaxed procedure without any long steps. This virtual proctoring service is just a click away from you.

Forget multiple logins


There is no need to login individually into LMS. The online proctoring service keeps you joined with your LMS.



Pricing strategy

Image result for pricing strategy png iconFirstly, the online proctoring solutions are not very expensive at AIProctor. There are no shady, hidden charges. You are given the actual price list before the exam. You are asked to pay and start availing the service. This avoids any complexity in the payment.



AIProctor is yet to become one of the best online proctoring services. Its advanced features are taking proctoring exams online to a next level.

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