AIProctor, Redefining the Idea of Test Proctoring

Generally whenever we hear about the term “proctored exam”, an image of face to face exam proctoring comes to our mind. But the times have changed so as the test proctoring environment. Students now don’t look up for pen and paper for their examination.

Bow you don’t have to travel long distances to take your exam. Online Proctoring Service have made their way through and reached the heights of glory. It gives students a chance to choose a location for their exam.

AIProctor is reinventing the notions of proctoring. It provides convenience and accessibility for students so that they don’t have to go to a testing center.

The efficient use of technology and remote proctoring solutions of AIProctor prevents academic integrity violations. This helps in conserving the repute and stature of the proctoring service.


Cheating has become a dilemma for our age. Educational institutes can neither accept it nor refrain themselves from this disease. Students prefer to get better grades and for that, they use all the accessible means they can. Inappropriate proctoring in traditional classrooms provides students opportunity to seek for dishonest means.

AIProctor ensures that test is protected with the help of web proctoring solutions. The authorization and security of the test content give confidence to the proctor and student as well. That confidence helps the proctor in administrating the student without making him anxious.


AIProctor maintains its competence and functionality for better services. Even an increase in the number of its subscribers doesn’t hinder its performance. It becomes highly important for the service providers to maintain their efficacy when the volumes of its consumers increase. The factor which can limit the scalability of online exam proctoring service is efficient proctoring. Therefore, it becomes the priority for any remote proctoring service to provide best online proctoring service for a better approach.

AIProctor very expertly withstands the fluctuations in numbers without getting its integrity being harmed. The best web proctoring solutions of AIProctor make sure that profitability and efficiency of the Online proctoring service shouldn’t be violated.


AIProctors ensure the consistency of test proctoring by using technologies and practices that are effective in conducting online proctored exam, user identification, and secure login. All candidates go through the same process of authentication for legitimate exam proctoring environment.

Each proctor gets the same instructions before the proctored exam to maintain a stable testing environment. If somehow a proctoring service fails to maintain a balanced environment, then it can cause serious issues to the proctoring service.



AIProctor works with policies which urge its subscribers to use the service again and again. Proficient working of AIProctor makes it more accessible for its users. A user can simply go through the authentication process and have his proctored exam.

AIProctor provides Online Proctoring Service after involving various systems and tools put in one place. Such technological tools help to lessen the issues of unproctored traditional examination.  The ease of use and reliability makes the product reachable.

Many online proctoring services serve to provide test proctoring at remote locations. But not all services aims to provide secure, reachable and consistent experience. Therefore, AIProctor redefines the test proctoring through advanced and stable technology.

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