Artificial Intelligence and Academic Integrity

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial intelligence holds to the idea that machine can replicate human intelligence. The system tries to stimulate human intelligence is equipped with learning capability. It doesn’t aim to replace human but it to cover all human errors.

Artificial intelligence aims at certain goals for better performance and desired results.

  1. Learning
  2. Reasoning
  3. Perception

At present, different fields and technology use AI services. The potential to become more intelligent overpowers humans. Along with other fields AI is used for academic purposes. To increase the academic integrity, online proctored services have induced artificial intelligence.

How it is linked with Academic Integrity:

Online proctoring service use Artificial Intelligence to improve their proctoring services. Academic integrity can be enhanced through the use of artificial intelligence. It intends to work on following principles which ultimately results in mission accomplishment.

  1. Identity fraud:

Online proctoring service have well-designed authentication process to suspect any dishonesty before the examination. Proctors can also do the authentication process but they cannot detect errors as AI systems. Use of biometric authentication or detection services reduces the chances of dishonesty to zero.

  1. Cheating behaviors:

Online proctors are trained to suspect unusual behaviors of candidates while having their quiz. Artificial intelligence minimizes the chances of teaching during the examination. The training given to proctors is given to machine to have a more secure way of controlling student activities.

  1. Secured content:

When AI is introduced to online proctoring solutions, it is trained to follow certain patterns. It is often feared that the proctored exams may get leaked by students which increases the risk of cheating. To ensure the security of the content, the system is trained to detect such activities by the student. For example, if the student tries to take a screenshot of the exam, it will be detected instantly.

  1. Pattern recognition:

According to an observation, students follow repeated patterns of cheating during an examination. Keeping that repeated sequence in notice online proctors are trained so that they can detect instantly if any cheating is being done. This pattern of repeated behaviors and actions is induced in artificially intelligent systems. These systems work more diligently and actively as compare to proctors.

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