Artificial Intelligence and Proctoring


Artificial intelligence is the neural structure of machines. In the computer world, devices observe its situations and give reactions that get the best out of it.

 Learning and problem solving are two basic functions being conducted by Artificial intelligence.

Capable machines carry out tasks for the success of applications, programs, and devices.

It is the latest technology. It helps machines to do human tasks at a far better rate. 

It is a mix of logic, knowledge, learning, strategizing and manipulating.

These devices are made to understand human behavior. They can strategize in games, build autonomous cars, plan military missions, manage stats and figures, and proctor exams online.

What is proctoring?

Technology has contributed greatly in learning.

 It is very well known that computers and internet have made our life at ease. In this age of E-Learning, virtual proctoring services are gaining massive popularity.

Virtual proctoring is an online exam service. It is basically invigilating. Firstly, a student must make sure the availability of following necessary tools:


  • Internet connection
  • Webcam with a microphone
  • Suitable browser

In case of AIProctor another handheld phone with high pixel camera and quality resolution is necessary to keep.

After ensuring all the above necessary stuff, the examiner shall first check the room and desk of the student via webcam.

While proctoring exams online it is important to ensure that the student is sitting in one fixed place.

A complete trained person is hired to conduct proctoring exams online.

 He prevents any cheating in a test.

The proctor conducts whole exam on webcam.

He keeps check on the student and all his activities during an exam.

What does an online proctoring solution do?

This online proctoring service is highly advantageous.

Proctoring exams online is safe and reliable and trustworthy. You can always check if the proctor was loyal to his job or not.

Virtual proctoring service allows you to schedule tests for convenient times.

 It is much cheaper than costly exam centers. Online proctoring services are great for online universities.

Avoids cheating

The first and leading feature of online proctoring services is to avoid cheating in exams.

Limits a student to an IP addresses

This online proctoring service restricts the student from login in any unwanted IP addresses. It blocks the student from using any website.

Blocks copy-paste usage

The user is blocked from using copy paste. It seems easy to just copy paste something from the Word. It hardly takes any time. It is important to hinder the use of copy and paste.

Problems faced in an online proctoring solution without AI

Online proctoring services manage distributed exams across locations. It requires no negligence.

It is a test for the proctor to keep inspecting the student closely. It is his job to wisely make the student adjust his devices.

 The proctor is to note the student’s hands, eyes, devices and desk at once.

This job is not as relaxed as it looks.

 The proctor has to be attentive at all times.

 If not, then the student might get away with dishonesty.

There is no room for this inaccuracy and blunders.

How AI advances online proctoring solutions?

Artificial Intelligence empowers online proctoring services in a new way and makes it much more reliable and sophisticated.

Proctoring exams online with many devices

During proctoring exams online a number of devices are present to monitor the student.

All activities are kept under a watch.

On different angles, different devices are positioned making it almost impossible for the student to cheat.

Artificial Intelligence keeps track on the devices and learns the behavior accordingly to make device more precise next time.

Scanning the room      

Virtual proctoring services have gotten a new life since the advanced service has come around.

During an exam the video looks for suspicious objects.

It also prevents all sorts of cheating during an exam.

Automatic mobile phone recognition

The device from which login of Artificial intelligent proctoring online service takes place is observed.

From that any mobile present in the room is also monitored. The students is tracked and checked if he is using any other device during an online proctoring solution.

Freezing the screen

Now this is another important feature of AI virtual proctoring service. The application freezes the screen. This way the screen shows only the quiz. The student cannot visit anything else.

Track students Location

During a virtual proctoring service, extensions like AIProctor track the location of the student.

This way the examiner identifies the precise position. The exam is then given in a restricted area.

Blocking of browser

The examiner during an AI virtual proctoring service locks the use of browser so the student has no access to other applications.

Intelligent marking

Another feature that you’re given after a successful installment of AI proctoring services like AIProctor is their intelligent marking.

This virtual proctoring service marks doubtful acts of the student. This makes it easier for the examiner to check the quiz.

Remote proctoring is steadily and progressively becoming the future of learning.

A bulk already favors online exams due to the saving of time and money. In no time, virtual proctoring services will become a practice.

In the 21stcentury, AI has experienced a rebirth following developments in computer power, great amounts of statistics, and hypothetical understanding.

 Its techniques have become a vital part of the technology, helping to resolve many thought-provoking problems in sciences.

AI proctoring exams has blessed this age with reliable examinations without any fear of dishonesty or mistake.


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