Best web proctoring solutions makes AIProctor unique

Online proctoring services provide digital monitoring through a remote location. The proctoring services have trained proctors who monitor students via webcam. The proctored exams for online courses aim to decrease the dishonesty in the examination.

AIProctor offers the best web proctoring solution, equipped with the finest online proctors. The skillful proctors monitor students and detect the cheating done by students. The service works 24/7 and students can avail on-demand proctoring service anytime they want.

Web proctoring solutions enable the online proctoring service to monitor exams through multiple aspects. AIProctor constitutes best web proctoring services to stop academic integrity violation.

What makes their proctoring service different?

Online proctoring services started as a result of two objectives:

  1. To provide remote proctoring service.
  2. To have cheating free test proctoring environment.

If online proctors follow the criteria of classroom proctors, then there is no need for such services. Besides providing proctoring service at an accessible location and time, it should be cheating free.

Online human proctors have been trained to monitor student activities and movements. Despite that students manage to dodge online proctors. Instead of having only human proctoring service, AIProctor caters artificially intelligence and machine learning systems.

Therefore, instead of relying solely on human proctors, AIProctor decided to serve with artificially intelligent systems. These AI/ML systems make the online learning environment unique and trustworthy.

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence is usually misinterpreted as a system although it is incorporated into a system. Volumes of data using intelligence and algorithms are coined to make a system artificially intelligent. AI tends to cover all human behaviors and performs even better than humans.


Machine learning is the sub-field of artificial intelligence that enables machines to learn. Devices with ML are introduced to the data need to be learned. The progressive learning of data enables them to make decisions and perform effectively. It relieves the system as they don’t have to expose the data for every single action.

AIProctor consists of the Artificially intelligence fraud detection engine which works effectively to stop violation of exam integrity. This online proctoring solution provides a trusting and reliable test proctoring for students.

Institutes, faculty, and students consider AIProctor a renowned and best web proctoring solution. The online proctoring service authenticates the user and records their every movement and surrounding to stop fraud. If the human proctor fails to identify any violation, AI immediately detects the fraud and flags the candidate.

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