Dynamics that are making online proctoring a rising trend

eLearning continues to transformed the world of education.

Modern technology and highly developed tools are changing the learning methods.

With robust online learning platforms, the learners are acquiring skills, earning degrees and getting remarkable professional development.

Transparency and accountability is an important question to address in order to promote the trend of eLearning.

The concerns of transparency are significant to deal the online proctoring platforms.

eLearning is being used in various departments. The world’s recognized Universities have introduced wide range of degree programs.

Most of the degrees offer highly professional courses. The entire course synopsis is present online for students.

To test the knowledge and learning, eLearning platforms have devised online proctoring systems.

There are various organizations that have extended this idea by introducing versatile online proctoring platforms. AIProctor is one of them.

Let’s explore the noteworthy dynamics involve in the promotion of online proctoring style.

Significant Growth in eLearning

The growth of eLearning is significant and demand for online courses is increasing. The well-recognized Universities from all over the world are introducing online courses program to take part in online eLearning campaign. eLearning encourages learners to learn remotely wherever they are.

eLearning is advantageous over traditional learning, including

  • Greater accessibility
  • Cost effective
  • Personalization
  • Convenience: learn anything, anywhere even on the go

High Cost of Evaluation Centers                                                     

Online evaluation is far cost effective than traditional evaluation. An online proctored exam system is highly convenient for teachers and students. Remotely access to exam within highly affordable budget is highly appealing. AIProctor services are convenient and affordable.

Lack of Infrastructure to manage Exams

Although there are an excess of exam centers that provide proctors for hire, it can be difficult to find a well-organized and reliable exam center with qualified proctors who can properly examine learners during a test at a specific time. Online proctoring, especially fully-automated online proctoring, makes it extremely easy to ensure that your learners are being properly monitored.

Focus on Worked based Skills, Evaluation and Learning

eLearning can be customized to match a user’s wellbeing, environment, and education. Learners can opt the courses that they need to meet their goals and can complete these courses at a time and pace that works for them, which is another reason why eLearning continues to increase speedily in esteem.

Final Word

eLearning is being used a great deal in higher education institutions and corporations. The flexibility and robust functionality of online learning allows users to efficiently complete courses, put on new aptitude, and stay occupied and continuously learning. With the rise of eLearning, online proctoring has become an important deliberation to make sure those students and employees are learning and hang on to the necessary knowledge to succeed.


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