Effects of Online Remote Proctoring

As time is progressing more students are taking part in online courses to save time and money. Students taking online courses belong to different remote locations.

online proctoring service is used to fill the gap of a physical proctor who monitors students during examination. The increase in a number of students is causing an increase in demand for remote proctoring.

Surveys have proved that students who are proctored have relatively lower grades than students who are not proctored.

Online remote proctoring enhances the probity of online courses by decreasing the cheating rate during the examination.

AIProctor aims to disrupt, detect and prevent exam cheating. Its implementation controls cheating in an exam and influences educational experiences.

Integrity of Examination

online proctoring service improve the integrity of the examination by providing remote monitoring of a student during a test. They aim to ensure no cheating during a test.

Commercial Tool

Universities and libraries are using remote proctoring services as a commercial tool. To comfort students, they are given the opportunity to give the test at a remote location and at a suitable time. A report of each student is then submitted by the proctor to the respective institute.


Online remote proctoring persuades students to take online courses and complete them at remote locations and time. It also endorses the faculty to teach online courses.

Moral considerations

Online proctors may ask the student to scan the room for authentication. Some students found themselves uncomfortable when they are recorded for their actions.

Online remote proctoring services charge high amount of money for large enrollment courses.

Vital for Online Courses

Online courses or e-learning have a comparatively higher cheating rate. online proctoring service have controlled the cheating rate during examinations. Students go through the authentication process and then are monitored strictly.

AIProctor uses artificial intelligence to incorporate machine analysis of a student’s responses during the examination.

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