Five Proctoring rules which will make your AIProctor’s experience Worthwhile

Online proctoring service offer exam proctoring at distant locations.  It relieves the student from the stress of reaching their examination centers on time. Students and teachers don’t have to be at the same location for conducting the quiz. Candidates can have proctored exams at the far-off location from their invigilators.

Every online exam proctoring service have certain requirements from its users. These requirements at a time become tedious for the users and in the end, they decide to switch the proctoring service they use.

AIProctor, an online exam proctoring service comes with best web proctoring solutions. AIProctor’s artificially intelligent system detects cheating even if human proctors fail to detect it. The service works on simple steps without any long list of requirements to comfort their subscribers.

Five Proctoring Rules:

The proctored exams for online courses have never been this easy. If you want to make your journey with AIProctor a fun ride, all you have to do is to follow these simple rules.

  1. AIProctor, an exam proctoring has a well-designed website for its users. The user-friendly website has detailed unbeatable pricing plans to aid their users. Users are supposed to go through those extensive pricing plans to select a plan of their choice. If the user hasn’t gone through his selected plan and its requirements, it will end up troubling both student and proctor.
  2. It is always preferred to reach for your examination before time. Therefore, AIProctor advises their candidates to log in at least 10-15 minutes before their examination time. They can check their internet connection and test the speed of their connection. Placement of the webcam must be accurate for the convenience of the online proctor. The user must recheck that the source of light should be behind the camera. This will allow a clear view of the user.
  3. When the faculty member uploads the exam on online proctoring service, students select their desired proctors and suitable time. AIProctor being the best online proctoring service provide services of proctors on demand for making the user experience worthy. But to get hold of your desired proctor it is always recommended to schedule your testing time beforehand.
  4. Before any proctored exam the candidate validates its identity for secure test proctoring environment. The increase in cheating trends has urged Online proctoring service to secure their testing environment. AIProctor respects the integrity of the exam and to maintain that integrity its subscribers go through an authentication process. The authentication process involves a simple log in and biometric verification. If the subscribers perform the authentication process before the proctored exam, it will make their experience rememberable.
  5. How would it look if you see a person sitting an untidy room? Definitely not an enchanting sight to look at. Therefore, candidates who appear for an online proctored exam should clear up space they are sitting at. The desk on which they are sitting should not include any unnecessary equipments. The fewer the thing the easier it will be for the online proctor to scan the room.

To make your experience with AIProctor worthwhile, follow these rules and enjoy the best online proctoring service.

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