Guard Pre-Employment Testing Investment


Pre-Employment testing is a significant part of recruitment.

In early 2017, LinkedIn stated that US hiring volume is boosted up to 58%. Further, Bureau of Labor Statistics informed about 6.2 million jobs that gave nosedive to unemployment. This trend will continue over 17-years.

It is far-fetched news for the country’s job market.

On the hands, the recruitment professionals struggling to find out the potential individuals for open positions.

For Example:

You post a job and receive nearly 300 responses.

Your best candidate could be somewhere in that heap of responses, but you don’t have time to explore through all the applications.

To help locate the most skilled individuals, companies are ever more using some sort of automated screening and Pre-Employment Testing.

Such tests are built to gauge precise skills, abilities, intellect, personality and other individuality specific to the job necessities.

The following testing tactics are key points for the employer and job seeker:

Boost objectivity and regularity

Objectivity and regularity should be the part of Pre-Employment Testing.

These kinds of tests allow companies to review individuals based on an objective, consistent score, rating, description or group.

As long as the scoring device is authenticated and proven to bring in capable applicants, this can to the highest degree help the hiring managers to know where people fall in relation to each other.

For qualified job seekers, it signals that the company is invested in trying to find good people which are always a plus, no matter the industry.

Trim the Pool of Applicants

Many companies set the standard score or other merits that will help determine who moves forward in the hiring process.

For Example:

A company may decide that only applicants who score 60% or higher on cognitive aptitude will be considered.

This allows employers to feel more certain in their collection pool, and can help candidates who move forward feel surer in their future negotiations with the employer.

Extend the physical location of the job hunt region

 If a certain company uses an online testing method,

The hiring managers can test an applicant’s education and experience from anywhere in the world without the extra cost of fetching them into a substantial office location.

Job seekers get the advantage and ease of being able to take the test from their site of choice.

Lower the Chance of bad hiring

The U.S department of labor estimated that a bad hiring can cost company in first year.

Except from financial concerns, bad hiring lower the organization’s morale that become more difficult to rebound than any dollar amount.

When you integrate online proctoring in your Pre-Employment Testing Plan it generates more significant and cost-effective results like:

Trim down the cheating Risk

An online proctoring service helps in validating the test taker’s identity to eradicate the ability of allowing applicant to get someone else to take the exam.

In addition, an online proctoring tool also ensures that applicant don’t use any restricted resource like smart phone to search for answers.

Eradicate the threat of the test leaking

These tests can be extremely costly to create and authenticate.

While you can’t “study” in the customary intellect for most of these kinds of tests, if one share it, vitally it would greatly reduce its validity as a hiring tool.

Added practical support

 Many online proctoring services embrace technical support in their service offerings.

This make certain that the applicant’s testing process goes effortlessly and that any practical issues that would have interrupted the exam are properly reported to the employer.

Final Words

If you are planning investment for Pre-Employment Testing, your first priority should be online proctoring proctor like AIProctor in order to protect your investment and uphold the integrity of your hiring process.







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