How AIProctor is different? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


What sets AIProctor online proctoring services apart from other online proctoring services?

Answer: The use of Artificial Intelligence in it.

Hardly a few proctoring services have this feature. AIProctor online proctoring services have this feature and also use it intelligently.

AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is the intellect of machines.

In the computer world, devices observe its situations and give reactions that get the best out of it.

Learning and problem solving are two basic functions being conducted by Artificial intelligence.

Capable machines carry out tasks for the success of applications, programs, and devices.

It is the latest technology. AI helps machines to do human tasks at a far better rate.

It is a mix of logic, knowledge, learning, strategics and manipulating.

These devices are made to understand human behavior. They can strategist in games, build autonomous cars, plan military missions, and manage stats and figures and remote proctoring etc.

Machine learning is an application of Artificial intelligence.

The idea of defining algorithms by studying facts and figures is machine learning. We basically first teach machines, allow them the access to data and let them apply their knowledge.

Only machine learning is not enough. Human involvement is necessary to maintain accuracy and prevent mistakes. This means that the human proctor should observe and accurately deliver results.

Artificial intelligence can be perceived as a kid who is given information and data to store in his self. The kid must be looked after and guided properly.

How AI works?

The first step is to enter data into a system. After that reports, conclusions or calculations are made. It is stated if the given date is correct or incorrect.

The strategy is to make the system rehearse flexibility. Feedbacks given repeatedly train the system as to what is needed. This way accuracy is improved.

Keep testing it in this way repeatedly. Learn its behavior and create it accordingly. AI software needs humans and data to become truly successful.

 Features AIProctor online proctoring services

Artificial intelligence provides a few features which almost eradicate any problem from online proctoring services and make it much more reliable.

Some features AIProctor has created via Artificial Intelligence in online proctoring are:

Proctoring exams online with more than one device

During remote proctoring more than one devices are present to monitor the student. All activities are kept under a watch. On different angles, different devices are positioned making it almost impossible for the student to cheat. Artificial intelligence keeps scanning the devices.

Scanning the room

Remote proctoring services have gotten a new life since the advanced service has come around. During an exam the video looks for suspicious objects also, preventing all sorts of cheating during an exam.

Automatic mobile phone recognition

The device from which AIProctor login takes place is observed. Apart from that any mobile  present in the room is also monitored. The students is tracked and checked if he is using any other device during exam.

Screen Freezing

Now this is another important feature of AIProctor. The application freezes the screen. This way the screen shows only the quiz. The student cannot visit anything else.

Tracks Student Location

During a remote proctoring service, Artificial Intelligence extensions like AIProctor track the location of the student. This way the examiner identifies the precise position.

Blocking of browser

The examiner during an Artificial Intelligence remote proctoring service locks the use of browser so the student has no access to other applications.


AIProctor online proctoring has its ethics and morals and never go against them. They apply these principals to maintain the academic integrity of work.


AIProctor online proctoring always aim to give students and institutes the best service possible. They strive to provide A-game service to our customers.


For AIProctor, the best tools that support its online proctoring provide a sensible level of security for exams taken remotely. AIProctor is save and secure exam taking platform.


Also, AIProctor reliability brings people to its site for online proctoring. It is one of the most dependable online proctoring sites.

Time and place convenience

AIProctor saves you not only from giving huge amounts of fees but also saves your time. Online proctoring schedule time according to student’s choice. The only requirement is to have a webcam and internet connection.


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