How to promote Remote Proctoring throughout the world?


The advancements in technology and boom in education industry all around
the world has demanded a niche service for the masses to be implemented
which is proctoring remotely carrying itself with a lot of benefits.
The rapid growth in eLearning has created a need and a demand for various
supporting technologies.
Remote proctoring is one of them!
AIProctor is the leading online proctoring platform in the market and
providing highly transparent proctoring services.
There is no dire need to promote proctoring as the service speaks for itself
and it has a lot of benefits for every student, tutor and every educational
institution in the world. Certification, marking, standardization, invigilation
are huge operations and for ease of them.
These online or virtual proctoring services has proven to have huge market
potential. The best way to promote a service which is essential for everyone
in the world is to just create awareness, relax and let people come running
to you!
Online proctoring is over taking manual proctoring services.
The highly beneficial provisions of remote proctoring making it popular
throughout the world.
Let’s explore top-notch appealing advantages of remote proctoring.

Significantly Cost-Cutting

Artificial intelligent proctoring eliminates the prohibitive costs of assessment
Eliminates the cost of manually and physically hire proctors and setting up
the infrastructure for exams.
It saves the institutions and candidates of all the hassles of traditional exam
halls and conducting of exams.


Online proctoring platforms deploy high-tech and tough algorithms to ensure
the transparency of the examination.
AIProctor is utilizing the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that
makes proctoring system more intelligent and mature.


Proctoring systems usually keep record of the IP addresses used by the
candidates to ensure stricter invigilation.
Problem is that a student and cheat from internet.
No, in remote proctoring systems it is not possible.
Once the student starts taking exam on remote proctoring system, the
system stops student’s access from all browsers in fact, student can’t even
open new tab in the same browser.
AIProctor freezes the screens of the candidates which restricts candidates
towards the exam and block all their access of cheating or finding answers
with the help on web.
AIProctor provides never been implemented technology to its framework
differentiating itself with competitors for example secondary device
monitoring, mobile phone detection, head movement tracking, voice
detection and many more.

Multiple Markets

The only customer base for these types of services are not educational
facilities or students, businesses and corporations could benefit a lot from
these services as to monitor the behavior and patterns of their employees,
learn more about their employees and conduct fair exams when selecting
employees for their organization.
The two major concerns for any customer of virtual proctoring are cheating
and authentication.
These services specifically AIProctor tackles these problems swiftly with
perfect solutions like no other system out there.

Not Specific to Any Location

No matter where the business is situated or wherever the student lives
across the world.
The entity could be test with just a good internet connection and a service
like AIProctor.

Final Words

Remote proctoring is not common yet, but according to research few top
intellectual Universities are opting remote proctoring for examinations.
It is not difficult to spread remote proctoring awareness via marketing or
Remote proctoring is a new technological trend, across the world new
technical changes opted with fast pace.
That time is not far when all, small or large universities and colleges opt
remote proctoring for conducting transparent exams.

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