Improved results through Online Proctoring

Online Proctoring:

Online proctoring is a system which monitors candidate online during the test. Proctor monitors with the help of a webcam, mike, and access to the screen of the candidate.

online proctoring service work with strict authentication process and lockdown features to minimize cheating during the examination.


Online Proctoring requires simple steps of authentication which are necessary to monitor the candidate. Authentication is usually done to verify the identity of the user.

Information provided by the user during the authentication process helps the proctor to investigate the candidate at the time of test or exam. The process of authentication is done mainly by the system without the aid of proctor.

The process of authentication depends on the online proctoring service.


A username and password are required for logging in before the test begins. This is required to make sure the same person is using the account.

Keystroke Analytics:

Very few online proctoring systems use keystroke analytics in their process of authentication.

Challenge Questions:

Challenging questions are asked to avoid robot use. The questions having personal information are also asked.


Facial recognition is done through a system of which verifies a person from the digital image.

Voice recognition is also done through the voice recordings available.

Biometric authentication:

Biometric authentication is done through fingerprints or palm reader. Some systems can also involve iris identification.

AIProctor does verification by Face Capture, ID Card Authentication and 360 – Degree Room Scanning.

Lockdown Features:

Lockdown features are used by proctoring systems to control the cheating done in exams. It limits users to get any information while giving the exam.

The lockdown feature prevents maximum chances of cheating and produces authentic results of users.

The proctoring system takes charge of the user’s computer or laptop while the examination is being conducted. It controls the user’s access to the browser which hinders approach to other URL’s. In several cases, the taskbar is removed during the examination.

Keystrokes or shortcut keys which are used to approach browser are also blocked. In severe cases, some online proctoring systems even control the arrow movement.

Not all online proctoring service lockdown features.

Prevent browser control buttons:

Access to any other browser or URL is blocked. The user cannot use shortcut keys to open the browser.

Test exit controlled:

The moment user starts the test then he cannot exit to resume later or look up for answers in meantime.

Prevent right-click:

Right-click option is disabled to prevent any dialogue box.

Prevent printing:

Printing the exam is highly restricted because of the privacy policy.

Prevent function keys:

The user is abandoned from using important key combos to perform several functions.

Hide Taskbar and Desktop:

To control the activities of the candidate, taskbar and desktop are made inaccessible.

The user also doesn’t have access to min/max bar.

Prevent Copy/Paste:

Copy/paste is prevented any way either through shortcut keys or right click of the mouse.

AIProctor controls IP address, detects mobile phone, tracks head movement, tracks location, and detects multiple voices. It uses secondary monitors for better inspection.

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