Improve results through Online Proctoring

Online proctoring is a service provided to supervise candidates during a quiz. Online Proctor monitors, with the help of a webcam, mic, and access to the screen of the candidate.

AIProctor provides best remote online exam proctoring and works with the simple authentication process. The service also lockdown features, to decrease dishonesty during the examination.

User Authentication:

You might have been authenticated several times when you have tried to log in to any website.

User authentication is usually done to verify the candidate.

Information provided by the candidate during the user authentication process helps the online proctoring service to investigate the applicant. Online proctoring service do the entire authentication without the aid of proctor.


Before the exam begins, it is compulsory to add a username and password. To make sure if the same person is using the account, login is necessary. Web proctoring solutions make sure that the user is verified before he takes his exam.

Keystroke Analytics:

Very few test proctoring services use keystroke analytics in their process of authentication.

Challenging Questions:

Challenging questions during the authentication helps in detecting the robotic use. The questions based on personal information are usually asked.


Facial recognition compares the candidate with the digital image.

Voice recognition requires comparison with the voice recordings available.

Biometric authentication:

Biometric authentication needs fingerprints or palm print. Some exam proctoring services also involve iris identification.

AIProctor offers simple three-step verification. It includes Face Capture, ID Card Authentication and 360 – Degree Room Scanning. It offers a quick authentication process instead of long and hectic ways.

Lockdown Features:

Lockdown features of proctoring services control the cheating in exams. It limits users to run through any source of cheating while taking their exam.

The lockdown feature prevents maximum chances of cheating and produces authentic results.

The web proctoring solution takes charge of the user’s computer or laptop during the examination. It controls the user’s access to the browser which hinders approach to other URL’s. In several cases, the taskbar is removed during the examination.

Several test proctoring services disable keystrokes or shortcut keys for the browser. In severe cases, some online proctoring services even control the cursor movement.

Browser control:

The user has no access to the browser or URL. The user cannot use shortcut keys to open the browser.

Quiz exit controlled:

The moment user starts the quiz; he cannot exit to resume his quiz.

Prevent printing:

The Privacy policy restricts the user from printing the assessment.

Prevent function keys:

Key combinations don’t work for the user during the quiz.

Hide Taskbar and Desktop:

To control the activities of the candidate, taskbar and desktop are disabled.

The user doesn’t have access to min/max bar.

Prevent Copy/Paste:

Copy/paste is prohibited to minimize the risk of dishonesty.

AIProctor, the best online proctoring service provider controls IP address, detects the mobile phone, tracks head movement, tracks location, and detects multiple voices. It uses secondary monitors for better inspection.

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