AIproctor-Top Five Ways: Instructors can stop cheating


AIproctor is taking significant part in academic integrity to boost transparency of examination system.

Why strict proctoring is so crucial?

Answer: The trend of cheating is occupying higher education universities.

To observe the cheating tend, an international survey is conducted in between 2002 and 2015 for academic integrity that revealed nearly 68% of 71,300 undergraduate students admitted to cheating on exams.

The percentage is significant.

Now, question is that “how to boost the transparency ratio of exams?”

In this article, Top 5 effective ways are discussed to reduce the cheating rate in class rooms.

Unambiguous Communication

Cheating is not a big deal for students.

Majority of the students take cheating for granted, in fact in universities there is a group of students exists who perceive that cheating in exams is their right. It sounds ridiculous but, this concept has deep grounds in every educational institute.

However, it is the responsibility of instructors to take strict measures during exam to avoid maximum cheating.

Instructors should do clear and unambiguous communication before exam and instruct students about the essential of exams.

For Example:

  • Mention specifically that what is allow during exam, if they cannot use scratch paper calculator, textbooks or notes, don’t allow them to sit in exam with that stuff
  • If institution has assigned honor code for each course specifically, remind all students to write the codes on main sheet
  • Clearly mention all the rules and regulations on question paper sheet as a proof to avoid later arguments

Check On Plagiarism

The problem of plagiarism encounters in assignments.

Most the students simply copy/paste from Google or from their friend’s assignment, especially when assignment submission is in softcopy.

But, there is an easy hand to detect the plagiarism in softcopy by simply utilizing the plagiarism detecting tools.

In case of hardcopy submission, it is bit difficult to detect the copy material.

The simple solution to above problem is to assign different topics to every student with tough scenarios.

Online Proctoring

Online proctoring has covered huge volume of higher education sector as a simple solution to this growing problem

The high advancement in online proctoring module reduced the rate of cheating to up to a significant level.

From automated proctoring, where student is monitored and recorded with the help of software to online proctoring like AIProctor where real-time proctoring conducted by the highly-trained human proctor have change the trend of proctoring world-wide.

Open door policy

Allow your students to do open discussions.

Listen their challenges and quires they face during their coursework.

Especially online students, they need more assistance from instructors. This practice seems like students are not in contact with their instructor . Thus, set appointments with students and provide them leading direction.

Interaction with students let you know their intelligent quotient and their inclination toward cheating.

Real-life Examples

No doubt, cheating has negative impacts.

But, students pay no heed, they take cheating for granted.

In fact, it creates problems for higher education and devalues earned degree.

Give your students real-time example.

Instead of taking easy way it is important for students to focus on learning otherwise they’ll suffer in the real-world market.

There are also academic consequences in which students who have been caught cheating were expelled from their institution.

 Final Words

AIProctor is an artificially intelligent online proctoring platform that provides highly transparent proctoring services and playing a vital role in upholding the academic integrity.














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