Online learning environment and how it can change the way students approach cheating?

Online learning environment:

An online learning environment helps to acquire knowledge, where teaching and learning take place through the use of computers. It has made learning accessible and saves time. It has changed the perspectives of students towards learning.

An online learning environment is more demanding as compared to the traditional classroom.  E-learning classrooms demand an active role by students. It has been researched that online learners perform better as compare to those who go for traditional classrooms.

Why it is preferred?

Students felt competition and pressure in traditional classrooms. Watching their fellow students being dishonest during exams encourages them to do cheating for better grades.

E-learning classrooms take that pressure away and eliminate the sense of competition. It gives students a chance to study at their own remote location. Furthermore, students set the proctored exam when they feel comfortable that they can pass.

Why students cheat?

The question of why people cheat begins with understanding the extent of cheating.

Fear of failure, lack of quality teaching, competition, low self-efficacy, and many other things become the reason for cheating during an examination. There are possibly more reasons behind the cause but these reasons are more apparent.

Other sources state that the internet and technology have simplified the act of cheating for those so inclined to do so. However, online proctoring services provide fully proctored exams for online courses to avoid any possibility of dishonesty. They have proved to be more convenient and secure than traditional testing environments.

How the approach can be changed?

E-learning changes the approach of students towards cheating at test proctoring area. Online Proctoring services help to reduce the dishonesty among students.

In traditional classrooms, teachers fail to invigilate students properly. Students keep on discovering new ways to trick human invigilators. On the other hand, proctored exams for online courses hardly give any chance of cheating. If the student manages to trick his invigilator than web proctoring solutions will detect the unusual activity of the student.

Online proctors monitor students during the quiz with strict rules to follow. These proctors have been trained after complete examination of student’s behavior while he takes the quiz. Proctors area taught and made aware of students unusual behaviors so that they detect cheating quickly.

Online exam proctoring services disable all the access to cheating materials so that students don’t think of dishonesty. Besides that, students are continuously monitored and recorded.

Online remote proctoring service, AIProctor invigilates students without being dodged. AIProctor works against exam cheating by blocking the student’s access to any cheating site or software. The latest technology and features records and invigilate students during the exam. Trained human proctors later review the exam and detect cheating.

Online learning environments have proved a better place than traditional classrooms because of online proctoring service.

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