Online Proctoring and What it requires

Who is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who invigilates an online proctoring service or online exam. He is trained to keep check of learner’s activities through a webcam.

Why proctoring?

Students with the advancement of time are approaching for e-learning which is less time consuming and cost-effective.

To abandon the customs of cheating in an education system, e-learning is introduced.

The atmosphere of e-learning is in complete contrast to educational institutions.

Researches have proved that students have confessed about cheating when they were not monitored. During a survey, 73% of online students which were not proctored during their exams admitted that they cheated.

Proctoring has prevented students from cheating during their examination.

To monitor students taking online classes and exams at their own domains using their personal devices was a difficult task a time back, but proctoring has made it easier.

Why AIProctor?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science designed for fabricating intelligent machines.  AI is formed by two best traits i.e. learning and problem-solving.

Core parts of AI are Machine learning, Knowledge Engineering, Machine perception, and Robotics.

The continuous development in technology has made previous versions of AI outdated and new models have excelled in their performance.

AIProctor is equipped with the latest technology and features which are rare to find.

It invigilates with a secondary device to examine the activities of the student. Besides that mobile phone detection, head movement tracking, location tracking, and multiple voice detection are also used.

The student is unable to cheat as access to the web is denied during an examination.

What does it requires?

Requirements for all the online proctor websites are the same with slight differences. Conditions for online proctoring at AIProctor are:


Webcams with minimum 640×480 Resolution and maximum 1280×720 Resolution is required at AIProctor.

Internet Connection:

Internet with the download speed of 0.75Mbps to 1.5 Mbps and upload speed of 0.6 Mbps to 1.5 Mbps is necessary. Mobile hotspots are not supported for online proctoring.


If the candidate is using Windows OS then Windows XP or Windows 10 are essential. If the candidate happens to use Mac OS then it should have OS 10.7.3 or OS 10.10 is highly recommended.

An additional device is also required for secondary monitoring.


The device in use must be equipped with RAM of 1024 Mb. However, RAM of 2 GB is highly recommended.


Students are supposed to install Google Chrome™ browser extension before starting the exam.

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