Online Proctoring Services, What is driving them?

Online Proctoring Service proctors a candidate live over the internet. They proctor candidate at remote locations through a webcam instead of proctoring them at the same location. Moreover, online exam proctoring has trained proctors who invigilate test takers over the camera.

Test takers sit in front of the screen so that online proctors can suspect their activities. For later review, Online Proctoring Service record actions and movements of the candidate.

AIProctor is Artificially Intelligent remote exam proctoring service, providing proctoring service anywhere or anytime. It works with best web proctoring solutions like artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide its users a secure and protected testing environment.

The mundane and busy routines have urged human being to look up for easily accessible and resourceful means. Going to traditional examination centers are now becoming less common. The remote exam proctoring provides them a chance to have their examination at their own location and convenient time.


Test takers at long distances prefer online remote proctoring. So, time saved through online proctored exams gives them an extra potential to work.

According to a recent survey, the number of higher education students taking at least one online course is expected to grow to 8.5 million by 2020.

AIProctor offers to choose your own location without any limitations of geography. This approach grabs more subscribers.

Testing Environment:

Students find the testing environment of online proctored exams more comfortable. Besides that online exam proctoring allow them to take proctored exams on their own devices.

AIProctor set up remote exam anywhere suitable for the candidate.

Immediate scheduling:

Candidates select a convenient time for the quiz, according to their feasibility. Furthermore, they can schedule online proctor at short notice.

AIProctor provides on-demand proctoring. Therefore, the user can simply log in to their LMS and start taking their exam.

Secure Examination:

Online remote proctoring makes administration of exams more convenient and efficient. Online proctored exams are highly secured as they lockdown features which could assist in cheating.

Test proctoring services promise to keep their data confidential and secure.

AIProctor complaints with the Data Protection Act and provides security with upgraded technology.

Online proctoring service aids institutions to nourish student learning adequately and securely. Online proctored exams have proved to reduce the rate of dishonesty in the educational system.

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