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Advancement in technology will improve the online proctoring. Online proctoring service is key in today’s academic and business world.

Why Proctored Exam

What is the online proctoring according to the Wikipedia definition? It means to supervise an examination. The role of a proctor is to verify the identity of the student taking the exam and supervise.


It is to ensure a few things; first that the instructions specified by the instructor are carried out, the examinee does not cheat and does not falsify their true identity. Proctored exams have been taken face-to-face so far, but the concept is changing, and we have a remote online exam proctoring.


Exam Security

One of the top challenges the distance learning community has always faced is exam integrity. To Proctors: How do you know that the students are proficient in a subject matter? Is it simply asked of them to complete an exam on their own?

Before the peak in online learning, exam integrity was comparatively simple. Students would either go to an on-campus testing center or to an authorized proctor to take their exams. Those were the only options. However, today, students take their exams online and comes the: Online exam proctoring.

There is a vicious competition in the online education sector. The tech world is now finding schools grappling to create an innovative methodology to tackle this old problem in a most approachable way.

Online Proctored Exam

Remote exam proctoring enables students to take remote exams – as the name suggests, tests, or interviews for research or jobs in the privacy and comfort of their homes, or any place they find preferable. The condition is to have an internet connection, that’s it. Download AIProctor for online proctoring on your mobile devices and use microphone and webcam technologies.

There are proctored exams for online courses and students taking it, expect their schools to provide easy to use online proctoring technologies. Proctoring enables students to take written exams and to also connect with their teachers for one-on-one interactions.

Many academic and business organizations worldwide are searching for ways to conduct remote proctoring in their realms. Just accept this challenge and begin the exploring of proctoring options to conduct online exams. Moreover, it will lead to developing the most innovative solution available today.

Webcam Proctoring

It would be much easier to tag on additional fees for proctoring and require students to go to a testing center, but that will go against the model, the one which tries to minimize costs to the students and thriving in advancement.

Webcams is the basic requirement, as well as speed internet, in a remote proctored exam. With AIProctor, there are no issues regarding privacy and security.

Remote Proctoring Services

AIProctor in their remote proctoring services uses webcam proctoring. There are services provided in which proctors are enabled to watch the students in real time. There are services too, that simply record the student and their screen for review later.

There is no organization complaining about webcam proctoring. It is worth it, considering the combination of cost, no-hassle, and devoid of intrusiveness that makes the webcam proctoring very attractive to organizations.

Voice Proctor Defined 

Voice Proctor is a no-camera proctoring service for conducting online exams. How good is it? This approach effectively ensures the two most important reasons instructors require:

  1. Authenticating the registered student.
  2. Ensuring that students aren’t cheating.



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