Online Proctors and Objectives on which Online Proctoring Services work

Who are online proctors?

Online proctors are trained to conduct remote online exams through online proctoring service. These trained proctors oversee the student through a webcam while they take their quiz. They ensure the integrity of examination by controlling the cheating during an examination. Online proctoring solutions notice the behaviors of the students and record suspicious activities. In order to monitor an exam online, remote proctors need:

  1. A computer with good internet speed
  2. A webcam attached to the device
  3. A microphone for voice recording

Test proctoring services record the whole examination period. These recordings are viewed later on for assuring that no cheating has been done during the examination.

How do they work?

Faculty members prepare the quiz online for students and submit it to their learning management system. They need not worry about the location and time of the exam. They just have to submit the quiz and students will have their quiz according to their feasible time. Online proctors then schedule the time with the student and monitor them while they have their exams. Online proctoring service have trained human proctors who detect the cheating and report it directly to the faculty or institute.

AIProctor is an artificially intelligent remote exam proctoring service which monitors online remote exams.  Their highly trained human proctors administer students from a remote location. They use multiple detection software for strict monitoring. If the human proctor fails to detect cheating during the quiz then artificially intelligent AIProctor detects it and instantly reports it.


  • Ease of use:

Online proctoring service have proved to be cost and time effective. They offer students and faculty members complete ease of examination. Faculty just prepares the quiz online and submits it on LMS. Students get notified about their quiz and schedule their testing time with an online proctor.

  • Scheduled collaboration:

Students and remote proctors don’t have to bother each other for the exam. Students schedule their time and location of exam according to their ease. Exam proctoring services then confirm the time and conducts exam at the scheduled time.

AIProctor offers on-demand test proctoring service. If the student forgets to schedule the exam time, they can have remote exam on-demand.

  • Enhanced security:

Online exam proctoring provides a secure environment for both faculty members and students. It is made sure that students don’t try to cheat during the examination. Proctors block student’s access to all browsers and functional keys.

  • Online testing environment:

Proctored exams are conducted in a secure and convenient environment. Students get a chance to choose a comfortable environment according to their desire. They don’t have to travel a long distance to reach examination centers. It has been investigated that the student’s anxiety level is reduced in an online testing environment.

  • Timely response:

Whenever students schedule their time of exam they are informed about their proctors instantly. Online proctors are punctual and expect punctuality from students as well. It is preferred that both proctors and students follow their schedule and time to avoid any inconvenience.

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