Remote Exam Proctoring and Increased access to Higher education

Online exam proctoring is a service used to monitor students using a computer and a webcam. A remote proctor conducts exam by invigilating students through a remote location. A remote proctor begins the exam, once the identity of the candidate is authenticated. The trend of on-site proctoring tends to decrease because of the increased academic integrity through online remote proctoring.

The advancement in technology has tried to make our lives more quick and secure. Nowadays, people look up for means easy to access, cost-effective and time friendly. With every passing day, the demand for online proctoring service is increasing. The increase in population has resulted in an increased number of students. The increasing number of students forced the institutes to provide online education. Online courses control the strength of students and allow them to get an education at a remote location. Since many students feel difficulty in reaching institutes to get an education, so they look up for online courses.

Besides getting trouble reaching examination centers many people find it difficult to survive in examination centers. They found the environment depressing and fearful because of the pressure of exams. Watching other students doing their best in exam makes them anxious and becomes the reason for their poor performance. Students found online proctored exams less stressful and more pleasing as they are alone at the time of assessment.

How it increases access to Higher education:

Online proctored exams have increased the integrity of exams by controlling the dishonesty during the examination. They monitor students through multiple sources and excludes all the possibilities of cheating. Therefore, online proctoring service have not only provided a secured testing environment but also provided an accessible source of giving the exam.

  • Artificially Intelligent proctoring services:

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made the examination environment cheating free. Students follow repeated patterns while cheating. Artificial intelligence which mimics human behavior remembers those patterns and detect cheating instantly. Human proctors usually fail to detect unethical activities of students while having the quiz. Online test proctoring services use artificial intelligence in addition to online proctors to avoid any chances of cheating.

  • Learning behaviors of students:

Online proctoring service record the behaviors of the student for later review for proctors. Online proctors use those recordings to critically analyze the behavior of the student towards examination.

  • Secure Environment:

Students usually feel disheartened when they attempt their quiz with complete integrity but found their fellows cheating during the quiz. Such activities in examination centers dishearten them and lower their morale. During an online proctored exam, students sit alone in the room and attempt their quiz more confidently.

  • Avoid inconvenience:

Sometimes students accidentlyy get accused by proctors for cheating during examination despite being innocent. In such cases, there is no such evidence to prove the student innocent. These incidents not only discourage students but also questions proctors. Online exam proctoring services records the whole exam and if such consequences occur they review the recorded video and solve the matter.

Many online exam proctoring services promise to provide secured and accessible proctoring. AIProctor serves as one of the best online proctoring services. It is equipped with all the latest features and technology to control the cheating. A very simple process is involved in using the AIProctor. Also, it provides complete pricing with details for the convenience of the users.

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