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Remote Proctoring

It is very well known that computers and internet has made our life way easier. It has contributed greatly in learning as well. The time when notebooks and schools will be history is not very far. In this age of ELearning, virtual proctoring services are gaining immense popularity.

What is virtual proctoring service?

It is basically an online testing service. Firstly, a student must make sure he has the following; an internet device, webcam with a microphone, suitable browser and finally a good internet connection.

After making sure he has the above, the examiner shall first check the room and desk of the student via webcam. While proctoring exams online it is important to ensure that the student is sitting in one place remotely.

This online proctoring service can also take place after the exam. The student is recorded during the exam and the examiner monitors it later.

Virtual proctoring services have gotten a new life since the advanced service has come around. During an exam the video looks for suspicious objects also, preventing all sorts of cheating during an exam.

ProctorsWho is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who conducts an online proctoring service. He is utterly trained for proctoring exams online. He prevents any cheating in a test. He supervises a whole exam on webcam. He keeps check on the student and all his activities during an exam.

If he suspects any wrong activity he can check the room of the person giving the exam. If any mishap is witnessed he has the power to fail the student.

Benefits of proctoring exams online

This online proctoring service has given us a huge number of advantages.

  1. Proctoring exams online is safer and more reliable than exams conducted in a classroom. They are authentic.
  2. You can always check if the proctor was true to his job or not. This is something you can’t do in an exam conducted in a room.
  3. Virtual proctoring service allows you to schedule tests for all times whereas in school exams you have to give a suitable time.
  4. It is much cheaper than costly exam centers.
  5. Online proctoring services are great for online universities.

How to avail online proctoring services?

Online proctoring services are available on different websites. Visit AIProctor to witness proctoring exams online.

Online proctoring services have become the future of learning. It is rapidly becoming more and more popular. It is getting advanced day by day. More beneficial components are getting added to ensure safe proctoring of exams online.

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