Online Learning Environments with Advancement in Online Proctors


Advancement in technology will improve the online proctoring. Online proctoring service is key in today’s academic and business world.

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Audio Calls

It works simply: Students taking their exam will receive a randomized automated phone call or an answering call during a proctored exam. They are then asked to explain or justify a previously submitted answer. What happens? Students who do their own work will be having no trouble verbally answering the question that is posed to them via remote proctoring service .

Students type what someone is telling them or copy and paste an answer that they find on a website, but unless they are actually familiar with the material, they will not be able to immediately articulate a proper verbal response in a remote proctoring service.

Hence, we are seeing a traditional proctoring model effectively turning upside down. Believe it or not, traditional proctoring has been creating a tug- of- war between the candidates and proctors for a long time now. The proctor always assumes that the candidate will try to cheat and the proctoring is an attempt to deter a potential cheater.

Voice proctoring method, alternatively, has the student confirming to the instructor that they are familiar and competent in the subject matter.

Online Learning Environments for Proctoring

A remote exam proctoring methodology is designed specifically for the online learning environment. Do you know, watching a student via webcam mimic live proctoring, but in fact, resembles ‘squeezing a square peg in a round hole’ in real? The traditional method only works well in a traditional environment.

AIProctor: Best Exam Proctoring Model can change the entire dynamic of a student’s test-taking experience. The traditional proctoring has been causing anxiety and nervousness over test taking for too long.

Nothing is more exasperating than being watched by a stranger on a remote proctoring, say, webcam. Your every irregular movement, eye twitches, and hand gesture are noted. So, voice proctor method essentially asks the student to answer a question so to be sure to give you credit where required.

AIProctor: Best Proctored Exam for Online Courses, is unique and offers features that cannot be found with any other remote proctoring service. It not only requires webcams but also provides the locked browser feature.

A modern online student is given the online exam experience that they expect. It is fast, easy to use and show deference to the student’s privacy.

Online Proctoring Systemization

When online learning increased in popularity, many academic organizations learned that you can’t simply take a traditional live course and squeeze it into a screen and make an online class for exam proctoring. Yes, all aspects of courses have to be developed from the ground up for the specific online environment, taking into account all the pros and cons that the online environment has to provide.

AIProctor is specifically designed for the online environment. Don’t ask, ‘Did you watch the student?’ Rather, the question is, ‘Can employers rely on the degrees institute award the students?’ The answer is a resounding, YES!

According to AIProctor, the new tools offered by technology today can help address the proctoring conundrum and that’s exactly what it is doing.


What AIProctor believes in: Assess more. Spend less. Test proctoring is a new thing and AIProctor has been a leading force in its evolution. AIProctor has an adapted suite of solutions to meet the particular needs of organizations’ pedagogy and budget.

AIProctor is available 24/7 and it can handle upwards of 10,000 exams in a single day. What to note down:

  1. Better outcomes
  2. More access
  3. Higher volumes
  4. Lower total costs

All of this is accessible through a customized online proctoring program. Download the AIProctor and expand your online potential.

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