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The most interesting results are the distinction between video-monitoring and newly introduced fully automated online proctoring solutions.

The features of freedom such as scheduling live proctor, authenticating student via intelligent software – that persists throughout the fully automated proctoring and finally having the results summarized for the instructor immediately after the test, were rated as ‘very desirable’ or ‘desirable’.

Relatively less desirable features include online proctoring service by live proctors who could intervene during a test, automation running locally on the student’s computer, and video-recording for post-test review by live proctors.

Anecdotal information from direct conversations with online students shows a much greater comfort level with automated (i.e., biometric, AI) online exam proctoring than having another live person monitoring their test-taking remotely.

To cut to the chase, instructors, candidates, and administrators want solutions that are neither distractions nor intrusions but which simply addresses the concerns effectively, at low cost and without compromising the focus on teaching, learning, and assessment.

The Future of Proctoring

The roles of online authentication and remote exam proctoring continue to evolve. In online education, nothing is more appreciated than the student’s honesty and the need to provide effective, affordable solutions.

The costs cannot be concluded as financial as it also includes time, convenience, integrity, and tenacity of educational priorities. Proctoring has to fulfill the demands of accreditors and public officials for greater accountability. There should be an assurance of the identity, active participation and demonstrated achievement by students in exam proctoring.

Program frauds is a serious issue for students who are eligible for federal financial aid. Recent audits have revealed huge amounts of federal financial aid awarded to students registered for a proctored exam for online courses in which they never actually participated.

Fortunately, there is an increasing awareness regarding the available tools to address these issues – in a time when we are evolving from human to automated authentication and remote proctoring.

When there is a greater use of proctoring tools, there will be attributes of lower cost, ease of use and demonstrated the integrity of the proposed solutions. The further development of fully automated online proctoring services is a powerful next-generation response, nearly transparent part of remote authentication and proctoring.

To achieve this, the students have to be led towards online courses than on-campus to make them understand that the integrity of their academic credits, certificates, and degrees are well dependent on automated measures confirming their participation and also the validity of their assessment.

AIProctor: The best test proctoring provider ensures a level playing field for all students, by demonstrating the respect and responsibility of their certified achievements.

Workings of Proctor

With the introduction of our Online Proctor system, students are enabled to take a mock test from anywhere with an Internet connection. This feature is available now for all, the Online Proctor can be accessed easily.

With the AIProctor, you pick the test and its timing, SAT or ACT, mention regular or extended, and the AIProctor system will instruct you as you complete the test.

How does it work?

  1. Print out an answer sheet to write your essay and bubble in your answers just like you normally would in-campus test.
  2. Begin the test.

Once you are done taking the proctored exam, you can get instant feedback with the help of our AIProctor’s smart algorithms. It gets you immediate results on all sections, which will be graded for you as soon as possible.



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