Technology Integration in the teaching‐learning environment

Technology integration has revolutionized the way we think. The progressing technology has changed perspectives on how people reach for information. Immense changes have occurred in educational and teaching behaviors because of technology integration.

Teaching-learning environment needs to cope up with the technology. The use of technological skills and tools in classrooms can enhance the learning of students. Besides using them in the classroom for better understanding and ease of students, online courses have also been introduced. Students can get their education at home without wasting their time and money.

In order to secure the e-learning environment, the proctored exam for online courses has been introduced. Nowadays students are getting familiar to online exam proctoring and adapting the new trends in the educational world.

AIProctor, best web proctoring solution provides a technology integrated experience through its proctoring services. The use of advanced technology makes the online exam proctoring uncomplicated and reliable.

Benefits of integration:

Let’s have a look at the benefits which technology has provided to the world of education and how they are changing the stereotypes.

  • Better engagement:

Utilizing the computer as a problem-solving tool in the classroom can make it a better source of engagement. Technology use in classrooms changes learning and teaching approach of students and teachers. Improved knowledge retention boosts their confidence to engage during classroom activities.

  • Individual learning:

Use of new learning strategy and technology helps in forming more productive individual learning. Moreover, it enables students to explore and work independently, beyond their understandings of a matter. Defined learning patterns of a classroom now don’t confine growth of students and teachers.

  • Accessible distant learning:

Technology integration improves student learning and outcome. Technology has made learning feasible for students at remote locations. Students use e-learning to avail the best knowledge at a place of their choice. Online Proctoring  has made e-learning a secure platform for exams without any chance of dishonesty.

  • Track of activities:

While living in the age of technology, you cannot keep yourself confined to the old style of teaching. Teachers can easily keep track of student’s performance by submitting all the data on the computer instead of noting everything on paper. Through the online submission of quiz and assessments, one can easily keep track of student’s approach towards studies.

Online proctoring Service helps teachers in proctoring students with more advanced tools. Risk of dishonesty and cheating is less in online proctored exams as compared to classroom assessments.

  • Constructive approach:

Technology integration changed the behavioral approach of teaching-learning environment towards a constructive approach. Students have discovered new and better ways of learning which helps them score well and urges them to produce something of their own. On the other hand, teachers utilize unique and latest ways of delivering classroom lectures.

Similarly, Online Proctoring Service introduced worldwide aids both students and teachers. Instead of going to distant remote locations for examinations, students prefer online proctored exams to save money and time. Students would be able to utilize the saved time and money for more productive tasks.

Thus, the technology integration in a teaching-learning environment not only enhances students and teachers abilities but also opens new and better avenues for constructive learning.

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