Test proctoring conditions affecting the Testing environment

Have you ever wondered that why your every action is governed by conditions and limitations? We wake up early in the morning because we have to reach for school or office on time. We adhere to traffic signals while driving or stand at counters in a straight line. The reason we behave in certain patterns is that our lives have been accustomed to rules and regulations.

Similarly, testing environments have definite conditions which control the behavior of the students. The foremost rule for students to follow is to maintain a disciplined environment. Proctored exams help in maintaining the discipline of the examination center. Therefore, test proctoring preserves the equity of the examination.

Why Test proctoring conditions are important?

If there will be no test proctoring conditions for a testing environment then, the circumstances will alter. It has been proved that students with un-proctored exams achieve better grades in comparison to students with proctored exams. The research proves that the students behave differently in two different situations i.e. proctored and un-proctored exam.

As a result, proctoring services have been introduced to control the dishonesty in the domain of classroom and to sustain the credibility of institutes.

Furthermore, online proctoring service control deceit outside classrooms i.e. in online courses. AIProctor, a fully automated online proctoring service works systematically to monitor students at remote locations. The web proctoring solutions of AIProctor detects cheating done by students, even if human proctor fails to notice it.

How Testing Environment gets affected?

Like any other domain, examination centers are doomed by a set of rules. The rules apply to both proctors and students. Such rules not only apply to traditional testing environments but also to online proctoring service who conduct proctored exams.

Effect of Validation process:

Students get verified before any quiz or assessment. Online exam proctoring services also have validation steps to confirm the candidate’s identity. AIProctor, an online proctoring service verifies students through simple steps to ensure the authenticity of the exam.

Have you thought what happens if students don’t get verified before their exam? Possibly, another person will mimic them and sit for the examination in place of them.

Effect of penalty:

Imagine a situation where a proctor caught sight of a student, who cheats at the time of his assessment. Instead of punishing the culprit, the teacher ignores him. How would other students feel? The testing environment where no one follows rules will encourage others to do the same.

In order to get rid of such situations, exams are proctored with a strict penalty. If a student gets involved in any dishonest activity, he gets punished for the deed.

AIProctor monitor students with the help of human proctors and web proctoring solutions like artificial intelligence. The student gets a flag when he tries to deceive the proctoring service.

Hence proved every domain works on certain principles and, if those principles get violated then the surrounding environment will be affected. The test proctoring conditions have been designed to maintain a positive and healthy testing environment.

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