Trends setting the Future of Online Proctoring

Technology has altered the way we approach different things in our daily routine. Our way of communication, purchasing, travelling, and even our lifestyles have been transformed. Somehow, technology has made us dependent on gadgets for our every action.

Nowadays, online proctoring services rules the world of education. There has been an immense increase in service providers of online remote exam proctoring. In order to reinforce the online exam proctoring worldwide, a whole market is forming. Predictions have been done that by 2026, the market of online proctoring will reach up to $10 billion. The growing number of online proctoring services with best web proctoring solutions contributes to the expanding economy.

Higher education systems especially institutes with online courses have approached online proctoring service in the last few years. According to research, 6 million American undergraduates have opted for online courses.  Priorities of American educational institutes have been changing because of shift in educational mediums. For secure online courses, institutes approach remote exam online proctoring.

Online proctoring services:

Online proctoring service provides an opportunity to have your exam at your own place. Human proctors along with online proctoring solutions invigilate you through a webcam. The proctor can communicate with you from a different location.

AIProctor; an online proctoring service with best web proctoring solutions facilitate nontraditional students. Online courses have always been accused of providing more means of cheating during examination as compared to traditional classrooms. As a result, test proctoring services like AIProctor have been introduced to the world of education. AIProctor prevents and stops any chances of cheating during the examination.

Trends of Online Proctoring:

The more the technology progresses the more the trends of online proctoring will change. The increasing number of students and busy lifestyles has forced students to loop up for proctored exams for online courses.

What trends have AIProctor witnessed over the period of time?

  1. Adaptability:

Human gets attached to new conditions very easily. The nature of human beings works very differently. If they get submitted to a new environment they feel acquainted after a short span of time. Similarly, students were familiar with traditional classrooms for centuries. But with the introduction of new online remote proctoring services, the approach of students changed.

The easily get adapted to online proctoring service and find the testing environment more secure. AIProctor provides a hospitable and secure experience to its subscribers. It enables them to go with the flow of changing trends.

  1. Resilience:

Technology always aims to provide effective means which ease humans. Being resilient in nature, humans always find a way out of difficult situations. You possibly agree with us on this.

Students and faculty members have always found it hard to reach the examination centers from far off locations. Finally, to relieve their nerves they have opted to choose remote online exam proctoringAIProctor facilitates both students and faculty members so that they can save time and money. It has been estimated that remote proctoring has saved 25% of examination cost of institutes who use online proctoring services.

  1. Mobility:

Things are now just a tap away. You can perform your many tasks through your mobile phone applications from anywhere you want. Therefore, proctoring services at remote locations have made exams accessible to students.

AIProctor being the best remote online proctoring service provides test proctoring service at different locations but also on demand without any schedule.

Online proctoring services are transforming the future. Have you subscribed to AIProctor to follow the latest trend?

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