Use Remote Online Proctoring in Exam Assessments

To make the right use of online proctoring service, it is important to understand that you first know about the concept of such a service. Your next job is then to make sure that you are coming across the right service provider that has effective test proctoring services. AIProctor is a subject matter expert and can help you get the better platform.

Whilst keeping these things in mind, one can then go ahead and be clear with the areas where the candidate has to get assessed at its skill level for which the company has the job opening.

Make sure you are clear with the fact that  online proctoring service offer the right solution that would not only prevent the issue of cheating but also make sure the candidate’s authenticity is also well maintained.

How does it Work?

When you plan for the proctored exam, you need to subscribe to AIProctor software and get it installed on the laptop or desktop of the person who would be appearing for the exam. The moment this candidate starts with the exam.

It works as follows:

  • The webcam will be opened.
  • There will be a lockdown mechanism to prevent him/ her from operating any web browser.
  • The candidate has to give the confirmation about his/her identity by revealing his/her ID proof on the camera
  • System opts for the facial recognition.
  • Finally, start with the confirmation once.

#1: Stay Informed of the Cover-up Tactic

You will be amazed to know, some students use furniture to provide covers, such as closets, desks, and beds. They can all act as a shelter for cheaters looking to game the system. When it comes to the most versatile piece of decor, one might find the blinds topping the list.


For instance, one student enlisted the support of a friend who whispered answers while hiding behind the blinds. Just because you can’t be seen, though, doesn’t mean you can cheat. During a remote online exam proctoring, high-quality audio detection in both live and automated proctoring can alert proctors to suspicious sounds.


Another example: Once a student taped the answers to clear vinyl blinds. Unfortunately for exam cheaters, before each exam, students had to show proctors their test-taking environment. Just wonder how that student might have performed if he’d spent time studying rather than setting up such an elaborate scheme for cheating.


#2: Stay Informed of Bluetooth Tactic 

Before online proctoring service by AIProctor, students also tried to take advantage of technology to stay one step ahead. A student used a Bluetooth headset to relay information back and forth to a friend taking the exam in another room. Unfortunately for those students, in test proctoring webcam technology has developed as well – and the proctor immediately spotted the device.


Once a student was asked if he has anything in his ear, the student not-so-discreetly dropped the headset on the floor behaving as if it never was there. Unlucky for him, not quite smooth enough.


For every new proctored exam for online courses, students will face a hard time cheating. But for all their inventive cheating tricks, the examples above do have something in common: in every case, the cheater gets caught.


Seems like, we never run out of stories to tell about the creativity of cheaters taking online exams. However, AIProctor: The best remote exam proctoring wouldn’t let these violations prevent online learning from realizing its potential as a pathway to affordable higher education for the learners.

Online Exams Assessment

Exam Proctoring is the best platform that ensures you get a detailed analysis about the candidate without any issue. Companies can now recruit the talent with right assessment irrespective of the constraints they have due to geographical location since remote assessment is slowly becoming crucial.

With the use of online assessment with a remote proctoring capability, you will understand which candidate actually performed brilliantly and that is the one that would make sure the candidate’s authenticity is verified.

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