What is the Online Exam Proctoring All About?

What proctoring is all about?

The change takes place slowly in the world of educational assessment. For decades we’ve carried out tests and exams in exactly the same way. That is: Rows of students sit in silent exam halls with test papers and a clear plastic bag for a pen, rubber, and ruler.

With the increased adoption of e-Assessment along with the use of technology to assist with the creation and delivery of tests, academic institutions have been able to challenge the entire traditional view.

Now, renowned organizations and educational institutions recognize the many benefits for both assessors and candidates. The online proctoring service is all about creation and carrying out the assessments.

Traditional Test Taking

So, with that the use of online proctoring service is commonplace, we can look at some of the other features of the assessment process that have always been similar. Up until now, for an examination, it was a given that you would travel to a college or test center to take it.

Lucky were those who lived in a city and went for a short trip. For candidates, living in a remote location could be a bit more of an expedition. Students with dependents could have additional logistics to consider and for most, they could incur a financial cost.

Students with disabilities could face insurmountable difficulties when attending an exam scheduled in this way. The present-day real challenges for some students are distance, travel costs or time out of work.

Organizations are now letting the technology to build flexibility into their examinations system with remote exam proctoring. They can begin to ask questions about whether it is imperative that all candidates take exactly the same test, at the same time and in the same place.

Can technology now enhance this process? Yes! It is possible with test proctoring services to imagine a situation where the exam hall no longer exists.

The Flexibility of Test Taking

Online proctoring enables candidates to take exams from a location by resembling it to a traditional exam environment. The only real difference: Test proctoring takes place across the internet.

The student verifies their identity with an invigilator by using a simple webcam connection. With the invigilator being a real, human being! Seems like we are not that far away to quit the traditional model here.

The candidate verifies their photo id and makes use of the webcam to show the environment around the room during the proctored exam. It ensures the invigilator that they have the correct candidate and that no additional media is accessible during the examination process.

They watch the student throughout the test period similar to an exam hall. Proctor immediately ask for clarification if they become suspicious of anything the student does.


It is very slightly different from the traditional environment. The difference is that this works for any student, at any time of day, anywhere with internet access.

This simple use of technology has the potential to overhaul what can be an inefficient and inflexible exams process during a proctored exams for online courses. Students can take exams almost anywhere.

Nobody is disadvantaged with this location-less option to access a college or test center. The cost to the institution is greatly reduced. Crucially, the integrity of the exam process is maintained throughout.

online proctoring service

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In our opinion, this gives the academic institutions effective assessment software along with market leading online proctoring services in affordable packages.

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