Why exam integrity matters?

Exam Integrity:

Exam integrity is violated by using unauthorized materials or sources during the examination. There are several activities which are offensive for exam integrity. For example, taking help of another person during the quiz and using devices which help in cheating violates exam integrity. Legal actions can be taken if another person tries to impersonate the actual candidate.

It’s not students only who manipulate academic integrity but faculty members, instructors, and institutes also manipulate it. Often teachers favor their favorite students and allow them to use cheating sources during the examination. Some institutes fail to secure the examination and content thus, making it accessible for students.

The integrity of exams considered to be violated in both traditional classrooms and online exams. Even proctored exams of online courses sometimes fail to maintain the academic integrity while conducting the quiz.


What harms exam integrity?

Various factors have been registered as reasons for breaching the honesty of exams. Test proctoring environment has a set of rules which need to be understood and religiously followed. Use of dishonest means during proctored exams basically harms exam integrity.


Technology has benefited human beings with an ocean of information and the easiest ways to get hold of that information. Oftentimes, proctoring is not possible for teachers and faculty members especially when it comes to home-based assignments. Therefore, students use the provided information and present it as their own in their assigned tasks. Using other person’s information as your own is conisdered as plagiarism. Plagiarism is the biggest factor which harms academic integrity.


Assisting any person during a quiz, exam or assessment damages the academic integrity. Assistance can be tangible or any other form. So, assisting someone using dishonest means during proctored or non-proctored exam harms the integrity of the examination.


Busy routines and lifestyles have urged human to look up for shortcuts so that plenty of tasks can be done in a short span of time. Fabricating information is a new trend in the world of education. Students look up for already provided information and fabricate and invent their own information. The information loses its prestige as its meaning gets falsified during this process. Therefore, information accessed from other sources should be used in its original form to maintain its authenticity.


At times, students collude with their class fellows, friends, and teachers to coin better answers. However, colluding with others during quiz and assignments is not allowed in the testing environment. Proctored exams and remote online exam proctoring cooperate in assisting students.


How to improve exam integrity:

online proctoring service are the outcomes of such circumstances. They control the cheating and fraud during the examination. The testing environment of online proctoring services proves to be more secure than traditional examination centers.

Institutes now use online proctoring service so that they can control the rate of cheating in an examination. AIProctor, an online proctoring service; promises to provide proctored exams which maintain exam integrity and aims to provide a secure testing environment.

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